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"The orange juicer 'Don Mandarino' is a ceramic piece that combines the functionality of a kitchen utensil with the artistic expressiveness of Mexican culture.

Crafted from ceramic, it takes the form of a male face with distinctive facial features, embodying the richness of Mexican identity.

With a welcoming smile and sparkling eyes, 'Don Mandarino' reflects the joy and hospitality deeply rooted in Mexican culture. His traditional hat and well-defined mustache add authenticity and regional character, transforming the juicer into a unique artistic expression that celebrates cultural identity.

The juicer's shape mimics a juicy orange, featuring smooth curves and realistic details that enhance its aesthetic appeal. Strategically placed openings allow juice to flow efficiently, turning the daily task of squeezing oranges into both an artistic and functional experience.

This piece not only serves as a practical tool in the kitchen but also pays homage to tradition, identity, and the vibrant essence of Mexican culture. 

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